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Hello Good People of Americus!

AmericusEats.com is a volunteer effort to provide our awesome community with up-to-date information about local, independently owned eatery options in Americus as we work through “flattening the curve” together.  We are thankful that chain restaurants are open, but we want to shine a light on our friends’ and neighbors’ local businesses.

We encourage everyone to stay home, practice proper social distancing and hygiene etiquette, and do whatever is needed to reign in this pandemic.  However, food is part of our critical infrastructure (we gotta eat) and the restaurants in our community need everyone’s support more than ever. 

So, we have built this site so that you can know what’s open and what options you have for ordering and pick-up/delivery. We are working daily to keep this list updated and the information accurate.  If you spot an error or know of an eatery that should be added, please contact us and we’ll get on it.

As you know, there are a number of local favorite restaurants that have had to close because of COVID-19.  We know everyone in this great town stands ready to do whatever we can to support them. We will add them to this list of Open for Business eateries as soon as they give us the green light.

Finally, apart from supporting the local eateries who have been able to keep their doors open, we hope folks will be inclined to help out neighbors in our own community who are in need of support as well as the many food service workers who have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19.  Please check out our Other Ways to Help page to learn about:

Giving Kitchen, an Atlanta-based non profit that supports workers throughout the state of Georgia who work in the food service industry. 

Love Your Tastebuds, an Americus-based healthy food option committed to delivering quality, nutritious meals to those in need in our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

We will continue to develop and improve this site in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks for your support!

Brannon & Eli Parks, Tripp Pomeroy, Geoffrey Hennies & Eva Avenue